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What we did

Bristol Energy Cooperative is the most successful community energy project in the UK, and LiveGen provides daily and aggregated generation figures for their solar installations in and around Bristol. This information is updated on a daily basis. It uses an API developed by local clean energy company CEPRO, and the code is open source, so other community energy groups can also make use of it. This is an example of work gifted by Spiral Edge, which is something we will consider when there is a significant need for a technical solution to support an organisation’s work.

What they said about it

"Spiral Edge have delivered a number of web projects for us: the Live Gen micro-site for Bristol Energy Cooperative and the website for Zero West. We were very pleased with the results. The team are good listeners, 100% committed, have great technical skills, pay attention to detail, and deliver to deadlines."
Andy O’Brien
Co-director, Bristol Energy Cooperative

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