About us

We are Spiral Edge, and we’re happy to consider the development of any web presence, from a simple brochure site to an advanced web application. A site for you or your business, a mobile app, social media tools, e-commerce, mapping, just tell us what you have in mind!

We think that everything in the development process matters, from the backend code to the fine details of the frontend and everything in between. We pride ourselves as much on high quality code as beautiful design, using the best and most suitable technologies available.

We can also undertake specialist technical work, including but not limited to modelling, data analysis and visualisation as well as academic publishing. We also have plenty of experience and expertise with scientific software.

We are especially keen to work with charities, campaigning organisations, and community groups, to help them to achieve their goals. Where we believe there is a genuine need that can be reasonably met, we will undertake work that takes into account the organisation’s budget - or lack of it!